Native Waterscapes is proud to use only the best products and materials on the market when building your dream pool or pond. Have a look at our vendor's websites and get acquainted with the colors and textures of products that are available for your pool.


Pool tile is a decorative tile that surrounds the interior upper edge of the pool and is where the water line sits. Pool tile consists of many different colors and sizes ranging from small 1/4" tiles to large 6" tiles.

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Pool coping is the stone that runs the perimeter of the pool water area. Standard formal pool coping is generally 2 feet wide by 1 foot deep and 2" thick with smooth edges facing water. A nice look for natural pools is a patchwork of broken stone with a chipped edge facing the water. Colors range from greys and tans to deep reds, orange and browns.

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Pool plaster physically coats and waterproofs the cement shell of the pool. There are many types of plaster ranging from glass beads that sparkle in sunlight to darker colors that give a beautiful depth to your pool.

National Pool and Tile (NPT) is one of the best pool product vendors in the business. Click the logos below to visit their most popular pool plaster lines.


Native Waterscapes is known in the industry for beautiful and quality pond builds. We use the best pond liners, pumps and filtration systems. Our filtration systems range from standard pond filters to natural bog filters using plants and rocks to purify the water. Please see below for more information on the products we use and what makes for a great pond build.

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